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To support the management in ensuring that effective safety and security measures, fleet management policies and procedures are followed, that leads in the optimization of fleet and organizational safety and security and the mitigation of operational risks for Daniza’s effectiveness by establishing safety and security systems and mechanisms for institutionalizing an organizational culture and practice of safety and security. Develop a fleet management strategy that will minimize costs, and support high yield to the business.


  1. Provide technical leadership/ support in managing critical incidents
  2. Ensure safety and security polices and guidelines are regularly developed and reviewed.
  3. Advice and lead implementation of mitigation measures in alignment of safety and security issues.
  4. Develop business continuity and contingency plan for all vehicles 
  5. Risk reduction to serious accidents 
  6. Security and safety briefings (updates) to visitors and new staff
  7. Work cross-functionally with other departments for the effective operation of fleet
  8. Monitor, oversee and provide direction to fleet staff to achieve key strategic growth initiatives
  9. Update and provide fleet data analysis, and advise management in order to increase business operational efficiency.
  10. Lead organizing fleets and fleet operational staff to provide support and schedule events/ trip planning.


  1. Represent Daniza at safety, security and logistics network meetings and ensure information from these groups is disseminated to relevant staff.
  2. Build ongoing networks for sharing safety and security information and coordination.


  1. Advise, lead and coordinate security and fleet capacity building plan (training) based on needs identified.
  2. Lead training and develop safety and security team
  3. Plan and coordinate safety and security training for all drivers


  1. Lead process of best practice learning & implementation
  2. Advice management on safety and security analysis (emerging safety & security needs and solutions in changing context).
  3. Lead macro view of security context and actor (armed/ non armed) mapping


  1. Review/ensure maximize safety and security of staff and assets
  2. Security standards are in accordance with security risk rating
  3. Review and ensure security strategy appropriate
  4. Ensure the placement of an efficient and cost – effective preventive maintenance schedule
  5. Monitor and ensure fleet operation in compliance with statutory requirements


  1. Link between office and drivers
  2. Work with drivers to ensure that they are aware of potential security issues


  1. Provide a regular safety and security report to COM
  2. Ensure that all safety and security incidents are reported in accordance with Daniza’s safety and security policy.
  3. Conduct performance reviews of field-based security staff and fleet
  4. Develop and provide monthly fleet (fuel management, repairs and maintenance report etc) report to COM
  5. Collect, analyze and disseminate safety and security information appropriately.


  1. Provide leadership/ management of drivers
  2. Conduct staff appraisals and monitor performance through mentoring, coaching and empowerment.
  3. Supporting the personal and professional development of individuals to enhance their performance.
  4. Ensure staff go on leave.


  1. Fleet Management
    • Fleet maintenance organization
    • Fleet maintenance schedule
    • Documenting preventive maintenance
    • Driver’s role in PM
    • Driver supervision
    • Driver training
  2. Part Management
    • Parts, sources for parts, tracking parts, parts/cost tracking, recording of used parts, storage of used parts, failure analysis, warranty program, stocking parts and inventory control.
  3. Maintenance and repair recording keeping
    • Simple, handwritten Ros
    • Daniza’s vehicle maintenance reporting standards
    • Analyzing data (total mileage on the vehicle, mileage run in the past month, average miles per litre of fuel for each vehicle during that month, engine oil consumption rate, maintenance cost per each vehicle and maintenance cost per mile for each vehicle.
    • Putting the data to work
  4. Operational planning
    • Determining key results areas, indicators of performance, operational objectives, action plans and budgets,
    • On road repair plan
    • Parts and repair PO
    • Full or partial on-road repair 
    • Contracted shop (mechanics)
  5. Vehicle systems and specifications requirements and accessories
    • Determining purchasing process
    • Improving fuel efficiency
    • Emission standards
  6. Tire management
  7. Electronic system
  8. Personnel
    • Recruiting, training and retaining technicians and drivers
    • The maintenance management and supervision
    • The technicians
    • Specialized training and certificate 
    • Building the team
    • Performance evaluation
  9. Compliance Management
    • Parts and accessories (lighting devices, reflectors and electrical equipment, brakes and the rest of part 393,
    • Speed limiting
    • Occupational 
    • Inspection, repair and maintenance 
    • Qualification of drivers
    • Hours of service
    • Prohibitions
    • Test required
    • Handling of test results, record retention and confidentiality
    • Consequences for drivers engaging in substance use – related conduct
    • Alcohol misuse and controlled, substances use information, training and referral
    • General considerations (single license requirement, notification requirements and employer responsibilities, driver disqualification and penalties, vehicle groups and endorsement.
    • Compliance review (vehicle factor and accident factor) 


a) Model self – management

  • The candidate must pay attention to his/her own well being and resilience and must remain focused and resourceful through complexity, ambiguity and disruption, and lead the way for others to do the same by creating an environment where staff members are safe, resilient, and have trusting, authentic relationship.

b) Engage, influence, lead and grow others

  • The candidate must practice wise stewardship of those whom they influence and lead. The candidate must seek to grow and multiply the impact of individuals, groups and networks through timely truth telling with love, and nurture a supportive environment where the staff can meet challenges and be at its best.

c) Run an effective and agile organization

  • The candidate must lead by example in focusing on and achieving the things that matters most by creating unit and trust by further doing my part and holding others accountable, so that we can be relied upon to deliver results in agile and responsive way.

d) Develop Daniza for the future

  • The candidate must consistently look outward and learn and respond with creativity and innovation to transform the organization for the future. The candidate must create an environment where others are empowered to discover new and better ways of doing things.

e) Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Relevant university diploma or bachelor degree in social sciences
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a proven security or emergency service field (Army, police or other law enforcement services) and officially separated.
  • Phone communication experience, operations and management
  • Experience in training and coaching in safety and security
  • Strategic/managerial experience in supervisory position
  • High level computer literacy and knowledge of spreadsheet application
  • Solid knowledge o accounting principles, financial systems, budget/cash flow monitoring and internal accounting control systems.
  • Demonstrated experience in designing and delivering training 
  • Demonstrated project management skills and the ability to work effectively under pressure (particularly in a crisis situation).
  • Ability to communicate well in English (verbal and written)
  • First Aid qualified
  • Excellent computer literate (word, excel, power point and mapping software)
  • Professional – behave in professional manner at all times & demonstrate ability to represent Daniza well at meetings.
  • Demonstrated personal values, attitudes and behaviors that are consistent with Daniza’s core values.

f) Work environment

  • Frequent travel to the field within Uganda and sometimes outside


Should you wish to apply for this position, please submit your application, CV, academic documents and email to info@danizatours.co.ug and danizaltd@gmail.com