Dear Clients, Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus we would like to let you know that Daniza Limited is closely monitoring the situation and implementing all the necessary measures to keep all you, our employees and the communities we operate safe. Our company follows all protocols regarding hygiene rules in all our facilities and vehicles around the world, in order to prevent any further cases of coronavirus. We will keep you informed for any further updates regarding the situation and we wish you to be safe and healthy at all times! Daniza will be at your disposal, for any issue and assistance. Thank you!

Our Clients



Customer service is everything and anything that touches a customer – directly or indirectly. Customer service means servicing customers, and it's so much more than just solving problems or addressing complaints."
Daniza Limited is committed to their client and offers great services in car leasing, car rentals, chauffer services, courier and tourism. We put great appreciation to our clients thus we providing them with the following

Vehicle interior and Road-worth concerns

It is our concern as Daniza limited to ensure all the feedback from our clients is worked upon to enable comfortable traveling without negative thoughts that is why we ensure our cars are clean, fresh and have comfortable seats for the trip

we therefore showcase to you our vehicle interior and certificates of vehicle road-worthiness as proof

Vehicle Interior

Vehicle Road Fitness certificates

Safety and security concerns

For vehicles leased out to clients, they prefer there vehicles to be tracked and monitored to ensure safety of both the driver and the vehicle. In addition, these vehicles are well equipped with the must have equipments such as a first aid kit incase of injuries, fire extinguisher incase of a fire outbreak or short circuit, toolbox for road repairs, spare tyres and other equipments

Clients safety and security

Vehicle monitoring and tracking