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Murchision falls National park
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Daniza Director by the lakeside
lake view by chobe safari lodge
director by the tourist van
Monkeys at the bay
Nature and sunrise
The long necked animal - Giraffe

Uganda is much more than the sum of its numerous attractions. Its constantly evolving and re-imaging its self, with people who are passionate about discovering experience. Its where socializers, foodies, collectors, explorers, action seekers and culture lovers meet and new discoveries and experiences are created everyday.Don’t stop at imagining what you can do when you visit uganda. Let our tour guides show you what you can be and do when you are here. Because we’re more than just a destination. Discover Easy and Manageable Travel Experience.

We therefore have a variety of tour packages to different parts of the country, national parks, mounntain areas and much more. We also offer tailor made tours and travel packages to take you to spectacular exciting places in Uganda. Place your order and customise your tour with us.

5 days Camping Adventure

This tours offers Uganda's tour highlights in an activity filled camping experience. The campsites are carefully selected for their proximity to the main tourist destinations through out the safari. The tour is an impressive blend of nature, culture and history.

7 Days in Murchision

4 Days Kidepo Valley national park

This 4-Day Kidepo Safari express takes you off the African beaten track literally. Covering an area of 1,442 square kilometers, Kidepo is a true wilderness given its vast savannah plains and rugged mountain landscape home to all the Big Game (except the rhinoceros). Kidepo Valley National Park is by far the most spectacular of Uganda’s parks yet the least visited. On this trip, you also meet the locals (Karamajong) who neighbour the park. It is a fast-paced safari so have that in mind.

Agro Tours(Farm products)

The tour takes you to Fort Portal to explore the tea growing practices at Mpanga Tea estates, Kasese to explore the farming practices on the slopes of Mount Rwenzori, the Kigezi region to explore the coffee growing in Kisoro and the farming practices on the steep hills of Kigezi Highlands, the Isingiro district to explore the banana growing practices and the livestock farming practices in Kashari and Kiruhura areas

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